Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your product developed?

We are so proud to have our product designed and developed in Australia. Our team is based in Brisbane, Queensland and Adelaide, South Australia. 

How many Care Plans, Health Assessments or Reviews can I perform a month?

Every GP can approve unlimited Care Plans, Health Assessments or Reviews. 

Does your product run on premise or in the cloud?

Our software runs on Microsoft Azure secure infrastructure in Sydney, NSW with encrypted disks and databases. Each practice is provided with their own database (as an extension of your practice data aka data isolation).

Can I control the task generation?

Absolutely, in our settings the practice controls the rate of task generation for all automatic tasks, including the option to not create any. 

Can I create my own Care Plan templates or Health Assessments?

ChronIQ delivers comprehensive Care Plan Templates and Health Assessments, but you are free to modify or create your own from scratch. We provide training videos that you can watch on demand and discover how to create your own.

What is the minimum contract length?

12 months, with 30 days notice to end the contract. 

If we leave, can we get a copy of our data?

As per our contract terms, you can request a copy of the data be provided to you. We will provide a copy of the database for you to keep secure. Within 30 days of leaving us, your data will be removed from our system. 

Do you have local support?

Yes! Our support is based in Australia. We also have videos and cheat sheets available.

Do you share data with any other parties?

No, never. If you wish to share your data with other 3rd parties then we will be happy to help facilitate this. 

Does your application manage the full Care Plan lifecyle?

Once a Care Plan has been created in ChronIQ, tasks are automatically generated based on your settings to help you to perform the entire care plan lifecycle including care plan reviews, renewals and monitoring/support.

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