Direct to Patient CDM


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Automated care planning


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Chroniq for Primary Care

The ultimate Chronic Disease Management platform to manage your patients effectively

  • Identify Patients

    Using your own practice data identify patients requiring chronic disease care planning

  • Care Planning

    Automated care planning to reduce contact time.

  • Reviews

    Perform reviews when required and due, never miss the opportunity

  • Improved Patient Outcomes

    Increase patients involvement with their own care plans to improve outcomes

  • Goal Setting by Patients

    Patients identify what goals are important to them, reducing the time required to develop care plans

  • Clinic Growth and Continuity

    Reduce human overhead and increase revenue for practices

We're the CDM experts so you don't have to be

Chroniq Health provides the tools and services for your practice to engage with your chronic disease patients effectively, on time and without a ‘set and forget’ method. 

We’re not just a software solution, we’re your partners in Chronic Disease. 

Are you running endless reports from multiple platforms to identify CDM patients? Do you know whether your patients are actually achieving their goals? We do, contact us today!


Our advanced product uses analytics and machine learning to identify patients for CDM encounters based on a number of data points. 

Patient outcomes are tracked throughout the application to encourage improved care.

Contact Chroniq Health today for a complementary practice assessment. 


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