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ChronIQ for Primary Care

The ultimate Chronic Disease Management platform to manage your patients effectively

Chroniq Care

Nursing services to assist your practice to achieve your Chronic Disease goals

Chroniq Health is your complete chronic health solutions provider

Is your 3 GP clinic doing 6 care plans a day, every day? Are you generating over $300k a year in CDM fees? You can – view a demo today to learn how your practice can also operate efficiently.


Identify patients eligible for care planning


Engage with your patients through our messaging platform.


Create streamlined care plans and review

Are you running endless reports from multiple platforms to identify CDM patients? Do you know whether your patients are actually achieving their goals? We do, view a demo today!


Our advanced product uses analytics and machine learning to identify patients for CDM encounters based on a number of data points. 

Patient outcomes are tracked throughout the application to encourage improved care.

Are you struggling to manage HR responsibilities for nursing staff? Awards, wages, superannuation, personal leave, annual leave, training, and education? We are, so you don’t have to. Speak to us today about our additional services.

See ChronIQ in action today, view a demo!


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